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This photo represents the basic set-up. Two shiny black mini-baby grands and a small but powerful sound system. Drums and other instruments can be added to create the right sound to suit your party. A drummer and a sax or a lead guitarist are the most popular choices. We bring all props including song-request cards and pencils for all your guests...our only requirement is an on-site power source! We never utilize tip jars or elicit tips at formal or other events such as Weddings (unless otherwise requested). We also offer smaller keyboards in place of mini baby grands at a reduced cost!




The pianos are digital mini baby grands. Digital means they NEVER need tuning!

It takes a little over an hour to set up  and longer if their are stairs and or an elevated stage. Please let us know if your venue has any unusual setup obstacles like this. If your venue requires the use of an elevator please let us know well in advance  and include the elevators dimensions. Also, when booking us please let us know if the event will  be held indoors or out. If you event will be held out doors please note that we need to setup under some kind of shelter. Wet electronic equipment is extremely undesirable. ;(



Click here to start planning your event and to get availability information. It is best to contact us as soon as you know the details of your event. Weddings and major holidays are often booked a year in advance. A representative from the staff will call to consult with you in regards to all important aspects of your party. We ask that you please complete the information sheet and email it back prior to your phone consult.




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