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LIVE Dueling Piano Show


I am from here, born near Boston, live in New Hampshire, my competition is not.

I am the only New Englander who has been doing Dueling Pianos for 18 years with no ' day job' 

I ran Jake Ivorys, Keys to the City and involved in most every successful Dueling Piano show in New England

We've won Best of Boston and Best of Connecticut numerous times

I promise to make your event a HUGE success, I will prove to you that I really care.


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Yelp online review 2009

The pianists are very talented - from playing Lady Gaga to Elton John to of course, Journey, they really kill it!!  They have an amazing amount of energy.   My voice is hoarse from yelling so loudly to the songs (yes, yelling, there's no "singing" the songs).Lindsey S.

Review item 2

Yelp Online review

It was 80s night on the pianos...which was awesome for me b/c I love the 80s.  You can request any song you want with $1 and they'll play it.  We had about 5 songs played that we wanted to hear.  Fun times.  We were singing and dancing and loving life!

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist


Wondering just what kind of music gets played at a NEW ENGLAND Dueling Piano show?

Well... you name it!! These guys (and Gals can play it all, from the 40's to the 80's to today.

Popular music, rock , rap, disco , and everything in between. It''s very difficult to stump these guys! That's what makes this show so unique's YOUR songs, the ones YOU grew up, on the ones you and your friends know every single word to and just can't help but sing along!

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